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Green Ammonia Shipping

Sigma has formed a strategic alliance with Asia’s leading marine engineering company to produce 3 very large gas carrier vessels (VLGCs) of 294 meters each to transport green ammonia powered by methanol fuel engines.

Our VLGCs are designed to transport liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and green ammonia, they will be exclusively used for the transport of green ammonia.

With Panamax sizing, powered by Wartsila 32 series methanol engines and with a total range of 22,000 NM they will be able to operate through all key port pairs we envision necessary.

While definitive ammonia-powered engine solutions are still under development we feel methanol can be a strong temporary substitute as with green methanol the CO2 emissions are zero.

The expected shipyard beginning of production is in 2024 and completion in 2026/27, our 3 VLGCs will be the first vessels in the world designed exclusively for the transport of green ammonia powered by methanol engines.

We are actively working to develop large-scale projects in key regions of the world and feel ammonia logistics will be an essential part of this. While in the longer term most ammonia production will be localized, we feel larger scale projects in attractive renewable energy areas of the world will be needed also to supply demand while localized production scales.




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