Sigma is the Global
Leader in Green Hydrogen Solutions.

As an absolute believer in our green fully decarbonized future, our firm was founded with the principle of being the world's leading green hydrogen service provider. We believe from 2024 to 2050 a new world will emerge, and green hydrogen will be one of its foundational cores.


The fossil fuels era is soon to be extinct

The early adopters of green energy specifically green hydrogen will be positioned to become market leaders.


With possibilities beyond our wildest imagination, the world ahead is not an extension of the past. There will be massive changes as yesterday's solutions cannot solve the problems of tomorrow. In the next decades, every foundational sector of the economy will experience massive change, and energy and technology will see the biggest revolutions.

Sigma is where aspiration meets innovation we are dedicated to building and delivering green hydrogen solutions that not only create extreme value but also deliver lifelong sustainability.

We are heading towards a brand new prosperous, resilient, and equitable energy system. Sigma is your partner in this new journey that lies ahead.