Capture Green Energy Investment Growth In a Carbon-Free World


The shift from fossil fuels to green energy is one of the most important investment themes of the century. Recent energy price shocks along with the war in Ukraine are accelerating the green energy transition.

2024 is an attractive entry point to allocate the shift towards green energy.

Invest in green energy and the commodity fuels of the future

The investment environment sits at the threshold of a substantial change. With high inflation, rising yields, hawkish central banks and therefore elevated market volatility. The energy sector sits as a key opportunity.

Sigma is a multi-energy company that will be producing and marketing green energies on a global scale. Our ambition is to be a world-class player in the energy transition.


Producing the fuels of the future

Green hydrogen and green hydrogen-based fuels such as green ammonia are future energy carriers.


More than 70 countries, including the biggest polluters – China, the United States, and the European Union have done net-zero decarbonization pledges for 2050. The energy industry is now forced to act and change to carbon-free green fuels and green energy generation methods.


Our current fossil-fuel-based energy system is soon to be extinct over the next decades. There has beenan increasingly pressing shift to a no-carbon economy. Now high fossil fuel prices and energy security demands are furthering this need for change.


Green energy is bringing change, change brings value and new opportunities.


Transitioning to a fully green energy system in 30 years or less

The energy infrastructure we have today took over 70 years to build, we are trying to build a green energy infrastructure in 30 years or less.

As demand grows, severe infrastructure shortages in the next 5 to 30 years can open substantial returns for early investors.


Green investments

For investors, there isn’t a single way to access the green energy theme. There are many of them.
  • We offer our clients access to as well as to our upcoming assets for producing, supplying, and acquiring green energy, green commodities, and green fuels.
  • Sigma optimizes the entire supply chain to meet quality, timing, and price requirements.
  • The shift to a clean energy system is inevitable.We are heading towards a brand new prosperous, resilient, and equitable energy system. Sigma is your partner in this new journey that lies ahead.

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