Produce Your Own Green Ammonia on Renewable Energy

The World’s Only Container Sized High Output (up to 1 TPD) Green Ammonia Facility Proprietary Technology

Produce up to 1 ton per day (99.8% purity)


The World’s Only Container Sized High Output (up to 1TPD) Green Ammonia Facility Proprietary Technology

Produce up to 1 ton per day (99.8% purity)

Launched December 6th, 2023, Sigma A7 is a brand-new breakthrough proprietary technology 3 container-size green ammonia production facility. Developed to generate green ammonia on-site to serve farms, mining companies, and industries.

Eliminating the need to buy ammonia and ensuring your organization is not only using but producing green ammonia on-site with renewable energy.

Apart from turning your ammonia use and production into green (when operating on renewable electricity), which is our future, the A7 can substantially reduce your OPEX with a minimal CAPEX investment.


Be ready for the future with the A7

Through extensive research and development, our in-house engineering team collaborating with engineers globally has transformed a regular industrial ammonia-sized plant into a compact 3 x 40HQ container production facility that delivers up to 1ton of ammonia per day (on a continuous 24-hour flow).

The highest output, Sigma A7, produces 1 ton of ammonia per day (on a continuous 24-hour flow) with an electricity input of 550kw and a water input of 1800 liters/day. Smaller or bigger output models are available based on your needs.

The A7 can easily be connected to your renewable energy or regular electrical infrastructure (ammonia produced via regular electrical infrastructure cannot be classified as green ammonia). If your organization does not have renewable energy infrastructure, our team will assist you with the procurement of the required solar and/or wind infrastructure to power the A7.

Ammonia tanking requirements can also be handled through our partner tanking factory.

Sell Your Excess Production

If your A7 production exceeds your consumption, excess ammonia can be sold at your specified price through the marketplace we are in the process of developing “Sigma Green Exchange (SGE)”. Scheduled to launch in March 2024, the Sigma Green Exchange (SGE) will be a revolutionary marketplace where your excess ammonia inventory can be sold to other parties. Pricing can be determined by you or via auction.

Available Worldwide


ASME + CE Standards

Following ASME + CE standards and guidelines. The A7 can be exported to multiple countries/regions such as the USA and European Union.



We can evaluate your requirements and work with your certification and customs agencies to ensure your A7 complies with your country’s regulations.


Remote Monitoring

Simple and automated operation, our team will monitor your ammonia production with advanced remote monitoring and ensure your A7 is always functioning accordingly.


Warranty & Maintenance

Under your warranty and chosen SLA (service level agreement), an engineer can be dispatched to your facility at a moment’s notice if required. With minor maintenance requirements, the A7 is built to operate for many decades with minor upgrades.


6-Month Production Timeframe

With only a 6-month production timeframe, we are launching the A7 with a substantial discount offer to gain a high number of early adopters and market share.


Sigma Green Ammonia Certification Seal

All ammonia produced via the A7 on renewable energy can use the Sigma Green Ammonia Certified Seal which can be showcased by your buyers further increasing the value of your ammonia.

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